Our 5 Step Process Includes Everything From Site Assessment, Design, Approval, The Quotation And Construction.

Our superior craftsmanship turns your empty space into a desirable granny flat that will offer the highest return on investment. Custom designs to suit your property and needs. Dealing with Tim was really good. We have a timely time frame and will complete your project from start to finish within 8 to 10 weeks. I was amazed at how easy it was to get this built and I have recommended them to friends and family, as they have done such an New Home Building extraordinary job in building my granny flat within 8 weeks. We do all the work for you. Our 5 step process includes everything from site assessment, design, approval, the quotation and construction. If you have a large block, go a 3 bedroom granny flat. We believe that we have the best designs and solutions and our highly skilled and professional builders will carry out their work with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

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Granny Flat Builder Sydney employs top notch tradesmen who are fully qualified, experienced and licensed to construct exquisite granny flats of superior craftsmanship and quality. For more information please call 08 9409 7504 – 04 0640 4386 or email admin@kameleonhomes.Dom.au At Granny Flat Builder Sydney, you are guaranteed a well-designed, well-constructed product. Their easy design, approval and construction process was very transparent and visiting their showroom allowed us to visualise our home. Chen. We offer fantastic designs and inclusions, which include: • Caesar stone counter tops and benches • Soft close runners for all those kitchen lovers • Polyurethane kitchen cupboards in all colours Our standard kitchens are much more than standard, they are superior, with plenty of options to suit your needs. ‘3 bedroom Granny Flat in Sydney  Eastwood‘ – My real estate agent told me about this website and I found good prices, good builder, several quotes to select from. We build granny flats on solid concrete slabs, insulate the flats with “R” rating insulation and connect the utilities. If you are looking for the right builder then the team at Kameleon Homes have the expertise to help design and plan your future Granny Flat to fit your exact needs. We were very happy with our choice in builders and happy to recommend them to anyone who wants a carefree experience.  We have a timely time frame and will complete your project from start to finish within 8 to 10 weeks.